Freedom of Information: A Comparative Legal Survey



Toby Mendel

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Aqueles que encarregados de elaborar e /ou promover legislações que garantam o direito de informação em concordância com o princípio máximo da revelação enfrentam uma série de perguntas. Esse livro Liberdade de Informação de Toby Mendel ajuda a responder algumas dessas perguntas a partir da descrição de normas internacionais que foram estabelecidas nessa área e algumas das características chaves para a liberdade efetiva da legislação de informação.Ele ilustra o modo no qual 10 países e 2 organizações internacionais têm lidado com essas difíceis questões.

A number of questions face those tasked with drafting and/or promoting legislation guaranteeing the right to know in accordance with the principle of maximum disclosure. How should the regime of exceptions be crafted so as to strike an appropriate balance between the right to know and the need for secrecy to protect certain key public and private interests? How extensive should the obligation to publish and disseminate information be and how can the law ensure that this obligation grows in line with technological developments which significantly reduce publication costs? What procedures for requesting information can balance the need for timely, inexpensive access against the pressures and resource constraints facing civil servants? What right of appeal should individuals have when their requests for information have been refused? Which positive measures need to be taken to change the culture of secrecy that pervades the public administration in so many countries, and to inform the public about this right? This book on Freedom of Information by Toby Mendel helps to answer some of these questions by describing the international standards which have been established in this area and some of the key features of effective freedom of information legislation. Importantly, it illustrates the way in which ten countries and two international organizations have dealt with these difficult issues.